Are EAPs Effective? Let’s Break It Down

EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs) are offered by more than 97 percent of large companies in America. These programs are put in place to address work organization productivity issues, however, traditional EAPs face a huge issue: EAP utilization consistently hovers below 10%.

How is it possible that the majority of large companies offer EAPs, yet less than 10% of their employees actually use them? Well, there are several structural barriers that explain why EAP utilization continues to remain low, including limited accessibility, poor user experience and lack of confidentiality. At LYLA, we noticed these shortcomings, so we created an app that provides solutions that actually work for employees.

Accessibility is key when it comes to employee support. Oftentimes, employees are faced with unexpected challenges that leave them with little to no time to prepare. While traditional EAPs do provide solutions for employees, it can sometimes take up to 10 weeks for initial actions to be taken, leaving employees feeling lost and unsupported. To combat accessibility issues, we came up with a simple solution: 24/7 virtual assistance. That’s right, no matter what time of day, or day of the week, LYLA provides employees with round the clock access to solutions and support.

Poor user experience is another barrier associated with low utilization of EAPs. Many employees aren’t even aware that their companies offer EAPs, and if they do, they aren’t sure how to take advantage of the benefits. LYLA differs compared to traditional EAPs in that we offer an app that employees can download and customize to accommodate their most personal needs. It’s easy to onboard, and as a result, keep your employees on board.

Mental health awareness is a hot topic of conversation in the modern workplace. According to Mental Health America, over 47 million Americans experience mental illness, ranging from 16% to 25% of citizens depending on the state. There are several ways to support the mental health of employees in the workplace, and initiating positive conversations is a great place to start. But how can you take it a step further and ensure that your employees feel comfortable and supported when they come to work? Provide them with an employee support resource that they trust.

Confidentiality is arguably the most important barrier to traditional EAPs. When it comes to personal challenges and mental health experiences, employees often avoid seeking assistance for fear of their employers finding out. Whether it be due to a connection through HR personnel, or directly through management, many employees believe that their EAPs lack confidentiality. LYLA is a third-party support platform that connects with employees directly to help them find doctors, therapists and other mental health resources. With LYLA, you can give your employees a safe, confidential, 24/7 solution to their everyday needs.

LYLA isn’t a traditional EAP, it’s an Employee Assistance Platform that goes above and beyond employee expectations when it comes to support. We help employees feel supported and get things done, and we help companies retain their greatest asset: their team.

We Can Work From Home (oh, oh, oh-oh)

I haaaaaaate working from home. Always have. I need the discipline of getting up and going somewhere else to work to actually get work done. Also, I don’t get to see my friends at Dunkin’, and they miss me when I don’t visit every day. Also, there’s–

Wait, this will be easier:


  1. The Coke Freestyle machine – Diet Dr. Pepper all day long!
  2. Contact with other humans
  3. Less talking on the phone. (How does my calendar fill up so quickly with phone calls when I’m working remotely?!)
  4. Way more lunch options than what’s currently in my sad fridge
  5. A bigger computer monitor, printers, scanners and all the regular office tech stuff. My apartment isn’t large enough to have all those things.
  6. Not getting jealous of my cats who spend the day napping (well, LESS getting jealous because I can’t see them blatantly throwing their relaxation in my face)
  7. Sunlight! (My Chicago apartment courtyard isn’t nearly as bright as the 12th floor of our downtown office building.)
  8. Did I mention the constant flow of Diet Dr. Pepper?
  9. All my files and “work stuff” are here
  10. A reason to take a shower and put on pants

On the other hand, my co-worker, Ellen, LOVES working at home in Phoenix. She’s got an entire home office set up in her house. She is also a much better cook than I am and her new kitten (hi Posey!) runs around all day.

But what if I had to work from home? In Chicago, we’re fortunate in that we’ve had few very restrictions about being out in public places while we continue to learn more about COVID-19 (coronavirus), but they’re probably coming soon. If I had more time in the day, maybe I’d start thinking about how I can outfit my apartment in case of an emergency without losing too much productivity (and Vitamin D). Luckily, that’s where the Errand Solutions Luv Your Life Specialists can help! I just sent them my top ten list, and they’re already hard at work on coming up with some ways I can have an easier transition to working from home if/when the time comes. (If you’re one of our current customers, take a look at the News tab of your app for all kinds of helpful info about how you can prepare yourself; don’t forget to wash your hands for 20 seconds while singing!)

What if there are members of your team who are like Ellen and always work from home? Remote workers don’t get a lot of the same perks they would find in the office, and that’s not really fair. (I feel bad that Ellen doesn’t get to use the Coke machine.) A virtual solution like the ones we provide is a great benefit that actually benefits your entire workforce, including those who work “off-campus”.

From planning out a productive home office space to finding an automated cat toy that will keep your pets entertained, Errand Solutions can help. Contact our business development team for a demo today!

7 Innovative Benefits That Will Help You Snag Top Talent

With the millennial mindset entering today’s market full throttle, skilled employees view new jobs as opportunities for growth, and won’t hesitate to take their talent elsewhere. In fact, a recent Talent Management study issued that a third of new hires leave their job by month six!

But don’t fret – there’s something you can do! Check out these retention strategies that can drastically reduce staff turnover, while channeling employee engagement, innovation, and creativity.

1. Create an Inclusive and Innovative Company Culture

Your company culture should be an experience in and of itself. Today, an exceptional culture is just as vital to employee satisfaction and retention as a high paying salary.

How do you build a strong company culture? Strive to create an environment in which “office drama” is minimized, and collaboration and communication are encouraged.

Respect and encourage creativity and innovation. Make sure everyone gets recognition for good ideas and hard work. Encourage people to think outside the box. Even if a particular solution isn’t currently feasible, remain encouraging and upbeat.

2. Revamp Your Hiring Process

Employees and companies have to be the right cultural fit for each other. Start by choosing the right talent! By onboarding an employee that will “mesh” with fellow teammates, you’ll leverage the productivity and group harmony of your business. Your new hires will most likely be happy in their role in a supportive environment, and the risk of staff turnover will gradually decrease.

3. Make Sure Your Benefits Package Is Up To Date

According to the US Incentive Federation, US businesses spend $90 billion a year on non-cash incentives, up 17% from 2013.

Be it traditional healthcare and retirement packages, or non-traditional gym memberships and tuition reimbursement, benefits are a vital consideration to prospective employees and the baseline for retention.

Consider small benefits, such as food discounts, pet insurance, or an errand running service. Offering perks is often quite affordable, and can generate a lot of appreciation among staff. Don’t know where to get started? Get in touch. We make rocking benefits easy.

4. Reward Hard Work and Exceptional Performance

Rewards and incentives can drive productivity. By acknowledging and supporting the employees who go above and beyond, you also encourage their coworkers to contribute. There are many ways to reward employees!

Provide your employees with regular feedback and recognition for their hard work. Of course, monetary incentives are a plus, but raises or promotions aren’t always an option. Don’t let that stop you from acknowledging your employees’ accomplishments! Everyone appreciates a personalized verbal or written kudos from their boss. This also strengthens the bond between you and your employee.

5. Discourage Micromanagement

Micromanagement, especially pertaining to incoming millennial talent, can be toxic to a work environment and employee retention. Often, the micromanager’s mentality – and drive for productivity – is well-intended, but unfortunately can result in annoyed, disengaged employees who feel like their bosses don’t trust them. Many employees may be tempted to look for greener pastures where they will be able to take on more responsibility.

Whether or not a staff leader can perform better than a subordinate, a “just let me do it” or “do it this way” mentality can hinder employee growth, innovation and morale. When training your management staff, focus on leadership and mentoring skills, and hire managers who want the best for their team, not to be the best player.

6. The Right Type of Management Is Still Needed

Eliminating micromanagement doesn’t mean eliminating management entirely. Managers must provide feedback, guidance, and organize their team, but with an approach that empowers employees rather than stifles them.

Quarterly one-on-ones are an excellent way to communicate and collaborate while still giving employees room to perform individually.

The role of a manager is not to be the smartest, or most capable person in the room; their job is to build high performing teams. Doing so will increase engagement, encourage innovation, and help establish a work dynamic employees want to stay in.

7. Do Exit Interviews

Turnover is inevitable; even in the highest-paying, most sought after companies, employees are going to leave. Consider it a learning experience: understanding why your employees are leaving can prevent others from walking out the door.

If an employee gives notices, plan an exit interview before they leave. Having a neutral party, such as an HR employee, conduct the interview, is often the most reciprocated dynamic.

Turnover is Inevitable, But You Can Improve Retention Rates

Understanding what keeps employees engaged, motivated, and satisfied is vital to attracting prospective hires, and retaining top-talent. While employees will inevitably change careers, needs, or locations, you can improve your retention rates through conscious effort. Many organizations are currently refocusing their retention strategies, and have implemented small-scale benefits such as Errand Solutions to create the “work-life balance” many young employees value. Building a value-based, team-driven, company culture, and rewarding your employees with benefits, bonuses and simple appraisals, is an excellent place to start.

What Your Company is Missing

I’ve only been in the work force for a few years, but like many young professionals, I did a lot of research before choosing my industry. I looked at a ton of companies, but I never came across any that offers a benefit like custom concierge services. In fact, before I joined the Errand Solutions team, I wasn’t even aware that this type of company existed. Vacation days and health insurance are great, but they aren’t enough.

In just my few years working full-time, I’ve come to realize how difficult it is to work eight or so hours a day and then find the time and energy to get my grocery shopping done, pick up my dry cleaning, clean my apartment and run any other errand that might come up. Life is hard, but you have an option to make it a little easier for your employees. Here are a few more reasons your company should offer concierge services:

Improve Retention Rates
To be successful, it’s important for a company to retain their hardworking employees. If your employees are consistently leaving after short time periods, you should start asking yourself why. Maybe the job is too demanding, or the employee feels unappreciated. Regardless of the reasons, a concierge benefit can help. Custom concierge services have been proven to improve a company’s turnover rate and give an incentive for employees to stay.

Improve Productivity
Not only can a concierge service help retain employees, but it can also greatly improve an employee’s productivity. Instead of stressing about getting their car’s oil changed or finding a reliable dog walker, with a concierge service, they can focus solely on work. An employee can drop off their to-list at the beginning of each day and the concierge can take care of it all while they work. With less stress and more time to focus on work, their productivity will sky rocket.

Improve Recruiting
If you work in HR, you probably know how difficult it is to hire the best employees. Having trouble competing with companies in your field for the best talent? Start to re-think your benefits package. Companies are getting more creative with their benefits and company culture, offering free beer on Fridays, comfy seating, flexible environments and more—so what does your company offer? A complimentary concierge service is guaranteed to make your company stand out to the most desirable of candidates.

Improve Employee Happiness
Happy employees make for better employees. While the occasional free lunch or holiday bonus can help, those are all short-term fixes. A concierge benefit can improve employee satisfaction all year long. Employees will be much happier at work when they know their free time won’t be filled with errands and chores. Additionally, the money they’ll save through discount deals and special promotions can be better spent on fun stuff such as vacations, dinners or just more money for the future.

A custom concierge service is what your business has been missing. Errand Solutions has been providing customized concierge programs since 2001, but we’re constantly upgrading our technology to serve the customers of today (just ask for a demo of our upcoming mobile application!). We guarantee we’ll make a difference at your organization, no matter the industry or size. Get in touch to learn more today!