Meet LYLA (it's an app!), offered by employers of choice to get ahead of employee burnout.

Watch now to learn how LYLA is changing the game in employee benefits.
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LYLA is for (smart!) employers

We saw the need, and we created the solution! By taking care of your employee’s day to day “to do” lists we engender trust so that when a crisis happens, we can immediately connect them to the benefits you already offer, and they may not know about. And if those benefits fall short, we will let you know as well as connecting them to the help they need.

LYLA works with the benefits you already provide (and love).

If you love your existing benefits, keep them! Our easy-to-use, mobile first platform compliments your current programs by helping direct-connect employees to the help they need, right when they need it.

And if you feel like something’s missing, We can handle that, too.

We provide our own crisis hotline, legal, financial, and wellness services to cover any gaps in your current programming –because while our ultimate goal is to prevent burnout, exhaustion, and overwhelm, we know those issues can still pop up here and there. And when they do, we’re here to help.

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Your employees ARE the bottom line.

We not only combat burnout, but also prevent typical downstream retention, acquisition, and EAP costs.

And, we can prove it.

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