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LYLA is an easy-to-access platform for any device designed to help you navigate complex life situations and direct connect you to easy solutions.

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Watch now to learn how LYLA is changing the game in employee benefits.

LYLA works with the benefits you already provide (and love).

Replace or augment your current Employee Assistant Program (EAP) with LYLA. By taking care of your employees’ day-to-day to-do lists, we engender trust so that when a crisis happens we can immediately connect them to the benefits you already offer, and they may not know about. And if those benefits fall short, we’ll let you know and connect your team members to the help they need.

"It's just an amazing service. I find myself so extremely busy at work with no downtime to do much, and LYLA is like having a personal assistant."
Adrian R.
— Project Manager
LYLA is a strategic and innovative solution or addition to your existing EAP:

Whatever benefits you’re currently offering, it’s easy to integrate them seamlessly into the LYLA platform—even if they’re provided by another outsourced company.


LYLA delivers a curated, personalized experience for every employee by showcasing the benefits, dates and information that matters most to them and their loved ones.


Why offer a benefit if no one uses it? LYLA utilizes extensive analytics and real-time reporting to help you understand what’s important to your team—and what isn’t.


LYLA clients have reduced turnover, increased employee engagement and driven utilization for new and existing benefits, preventing downstream costs.

LYLA Ranked #8 alongside Dropbox, Indeed and Slack for Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company in 2022!
  • Streamline access to existing benefits.
  • Reduce the unnecessary burden of searching for providers and programs already available to them.
  • Assist with day-to-day home and family responsibilities to reduce overall stress levels.
  • Follow up to be sure we’re providing the best possible options for both day-to-day struggles and major life events.
  • Fill in the gaps when individualized options are needed.
  • Proactively reach out to remind them of important dates and upcoming events that are relevant to their interests and needs (and provide them with help to prepare).
  • Offer suggestions that simplify their lives.