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Are EAPs Effective? Let’s Break It Down

EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs) are offered by more than 97 percent of large companies in America. These programs are put in place to address work organization productivity issues, however, traditional EAPs face a huge issue: EAP utilization consistently hovers below 10%.

How is it possible that the majority of large companies offer EAPs, yet less than 10% of their employees actually use them? Well, there are several structural barriers that explain why EAP utilization continues to remain low, including limited accessibility, poor user experience and lack of confidentiality. At LYLA, we noticed these shortcomings, so we created an app that provides solutions that actually work for employees.

Accessibility is key when it comes to employee support. Oftentimes, employees are faced with unexpected challenges that leave them with little to no time to prepare. While traditional EAPs do provide solutions for employees, it can sometimes take up to 10 weeks for initial actions to be taken, leaving employees feeling lost and unsupported. To combat accessibility issues, we came up with a simple solution: 24/7 virtual assistance. That’s right, no matter what time of day, or day of the week, LYLA provides employees with round the clock access to solutions and support.

Poor user experience is another barrier associated with low utilization of EAPs. Many employees aren’t even aware that their companies offer EAPs, and if they do, they aren’t sure how to take advantage of the benefits. LYLA differs compared to traditional EAPs in that we offer an app that employees can download and customize to accommodate their most personal needs. It’s easy to onboard, and as a result, keep your employees on board.

Mental health awareness is a hot topic of conversation in the modern workplace. According to Mental Health America, over 47 million Americans experience mental illness, ranging from 16% to 25% of citizens depending on the state. There are several ways to support the mental health of employees in the workplace, and initiating positive conversations is a great place to start. But how can you take it a step further and ensure that your employees feel comfortable and supported when they come to work? Provide them with an employee support resource that they trust.

Confidentiality is arguably the most important barrier to traditional EAPs. When it comes to personal challenges and mental health experiences, employees often avoid seeking assistance for fear of their employers finding out. Whether it be due to a connection through HR personnel, or directly through management, many employees believe that their EAPs lack confidentiality. LYLA is a third-party support platform that connects with employees directly to help them find doctors, therapists and other mental health resources. With LYLA, you can give your employees a safe, confidential, 24/7 solution to their everyday needs.

LYLA isn’t a traditional EAP, it’s an Employee Assistance Platform that goes above and beyond employee expectations when it comes to support. We help employees feel supported and get things done, and we help companies retain their greatest asset: their team.


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