Let's Talk About ROI

We work hard to keep our price point accessible. For less than the cost a coffee each month, you can provide your employees with:

  • Daily virtual personal assistance from real, empathetic humans
  • Access to resources you already pay for, but they don’t know about
  • Crisis, legal, financial, and wellness services

We not only combat burnout, but also prevent typical downstream retention, acquisition, and EAP costs.

On average, the employees we serve:

  • Feel supported by their employers
  • Know about their benefits (and actually USE them)
  • Experience a greater sense of autonomy about their benefits
  • Reflect positively on their work culture

Healthy, happy employees stay in their roles longer and are more productive team members—ultimately saving you money.

In fact, with even a fractional .5% decrease in attrition, LYLA more than pays for itself.

These utilization rates might make you do a double-take. 4% vs. 65%. You read that right.

If you’re feeling dissatisfied with your current Employee Assistance Program or any of your other benefits, you’re not alone. By being your employee’s trusted guide, LYLA can increase utilization of all you already have in place as well as fill in the gaps to services that your employees need – like child, elder or pet care.

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