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LYLA is a strategic and innovative solution, or addition to your existing EAP

  • Employees rely on us daily to help; we have 20+ years of supporting them with personalized services.
  • Our nimble technology is centered around optimizing utilization, even for existing, underused benefits.
  • Real-time metrics enable strategic, timely decisions to identify growth opportunities as well as critical benchmarking.

How LYLA helps your team

Meaningful life event assistance

  • Relocation and moving coordination
  • Pre- & post-natal services (e.g. lactation, car seats, child care)
  • Legal and financial assistance
  • Mental health resources (e.g. 24/7 crisis hotline, counseling, coaching)
  • Elder care (e.g. adult day care, housing, legal, medical equipment)
  • Disaster relief (e.g. emergency assistance after fires, floods, storms)

Taking care of to-do lists

  • Travel and event planning
  • Connecting with vetted vendors for home repair, mobile auto, pet care
  • Shopping and gift-buying assistance
  • Planning and organizing events and celebrations

Coordinating on-site events/services

  • Examples include on-site car wash, chair massages, farmers markets, benefits fairs, employee appreciation parties, family picnics 
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Why LYLA works

  • Provides an integrated support system to employees, allowing them to succeed both in and outside the workplace.
  • Proactively addresses the root causes of burnout which reduces turnover.
  • Creates an environment that retains top talent to save on attrition costs.
  • Saves people time and increasing workplace productivity.
  • Acts as your employee assistance platform that easily connects your team to the support they need.

We’re there to help your employees, step-by-step.

How we do this, using real life examples:

Say Asha has a broken washing machine, LYLA will:

  • Identify repair and replacement options
  • Check warranties, employer discounts, and available funds in her LYLA Wallet
  • Compare the quotes with the service ratings and availability and make a recommendation
  • Schedule the visit
  • Circle back to make sure all is resolved
  • Offer connection to Asha’s employers financial wellness benefit if she wants to increase savings for any other unplanned emergencies that may pop up.

Say Charlie has a broken heart, LYLA will:

  • Direct connect to an emotional triage specialist to determine the level of care
  • Verifies insurance, availability and fit of suggested counselor and schedules
  • Stay with Charlie until on the mend
  • Offer to set up a dating profile or find a furry friend match

You won’t find us sharing long resource lists or hanging up a call just to meet our connection quota.