The LYLA Wallet

Our most exciting new development drives overall utilization, spreads word of mouth and leaves it up to each employee to decide how they can best be supported.

LYLA Wallet is a program that allows managers and co-workers to reward employees for their hard work—covering a last-minute shift, reaching a service goal, or anything else that might deserve a little gift.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A manager or co-worker adds money to an employee’s LYLA Wallet
  2. The employee then self-directs that budget—because they know their needs best!

Maybe today, they know that money needs to go toward their tire rotation. Tomorrow, maybe a quick meal from the fast food place down the street. Next week, a medical bill.


Why employees, and employers love it

  • Employer can add up to $600 pretax annually.
  • Not everyone needs the same type of assistance.
  • LYLA Wallet empowers employees to utilize funds in a manner that’s more personal to them and their loved ones, like a babysitter or a new set of tires.
  • Employees with less disposable income will be able to access LYLA in a more meaningful way.
  • Creates an instant rewards & recognition tool that managers can fund and dictate spend at any time.