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Food Delivery ‘Round the World

On Friday morning, we received an email from an International user from one of our virtual locations. The user, Patryk, lives in Gdansk, Poland, which is approximately 4,617 miles away from our Hub in Chicago.

“Would you be able to order food delivery? I’d like 2 servings (for 2 adults) of Chinese food delivered at 9:30pm to my home. Credit card payment preferred, but cash is also ok. For specific dish selections, pick something for me and my wife. No dietary limitations.”

While a food delivery is a pretty standard request for our concierges, everything becomes more complicated when different countries and languages are brought into the mix. However, we don’t let that stop us.

Upon receiving the request, we emailed Patryk right away. “Hi Patryk. Thank you for your request. We’re working on it now and will get back to your shortly.”

Immediately, one of our team members went online to look up local restaurants and read reviews. At the same time, another team member reached out to our local Gdansk concierge network to get personal recommendations. It turns out, there are not a lot of Chinese restaurants in Gdansk, so we had our work cut out for us.

Along with one of our concierge partners, we selected a highly recommended restaurant and carefully picked the dishes from their online menu. We placed the order via conference call with both the restaurant and our Polish associate to ensure the delivery would happen and nothing would be lost in translation.

Eventually, we placed an order of wanton soup, crispy wantons, sesame chicken with vegetable fried rice, duck breast with jasmine rice and a side of sweet & sour Peking cabbage to be delivered to Patryk’s home that night for him and his wife to enjoy.

After the order was placed, we called Patryk. “Just wanted to let you know that the order is placed and will be delivered at your requested time,” we said. “We really appreciate the opportunity to serve you today.”

“Oh wow,” Patryk said, surprised. “That was fast. I actually already received a confirmation text from the restaurant. Thank you so much!”

At exactly 9:30pm, Patryk enjoyed a delicious Chinese dinner at his home. Our Gdansk associate called the restaurant around the time it was to be delivered to confirm that everything went off without a hitch. The restaurant ensured us that it was delivered on time.

Later that night, Patryk sent us to text. “Everything was great, thank you! 🙂 ”

While we couldn’t be there to see the smile on his face directly, the emoji sent from across the world was plenty.

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