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7 Ways Employers are Boosting Office Morale

Did you know that happy employees are 31% more productive?

Salaries aren’t enough anymore. These days, people are just as concerned with living a “good life” as they’re worried about cashing big checks. As a result, many companies have found that by offering perks and benefits, they can greatly increase morale and productivity. We’ve seen it with our own eyes! So even if the upfront costs of these perks seem undesirable, the long-term payoff could easily outweigh the expenditures.

Provide In-Home Cleaning to Reduce Chores

Nobody likes doing chores. Keeping the house clean, mowing the grass, all of these basic tasks can become a burden for people who are already working 40-plus hours a week. Tired workers are less likely to be engaged, creative, and innovative.

That’s why some employers are now offering free or discounted cleaning and other household services. This way, when employees aren’t in the office, they can relax, enjoy hobbies, or do pretty much anything else besides chores.

This will help your employees get some true R&R. As a result, company morale will improve, and productivity will increase as employees are more well rested.

Make it Easy to Hit the Gym

Offering employees free gym memberships or installing a gym facility in your office is a great way to encourage physical health. Gym memberships are relatively cheap in many areas, and group discounts may also be possible.

Meanwhile, a good workout will ensure that your employees are physically healthy. This will lower the risk of injuries, such as pulling out your back. Some studies have even linked working out to reducing the risk of catching a cold. Hitting the gym can reduce stress as well.

Consider letting employees take some time off from work to hit the gym as well. This is an especially feasible option if the gym is on-site or nearby. Letting an employee get in a twenty-minute workout at the gym can increase their productivity through the rest of the day, and improve their creative energy.

Offer a Night Out

A night out is always fun, but it can be hard to justify spending our hard earned cash when Netflix is cheaper than going to a theatre. Why pay for dinner and a movie when you can eat something frozen and watch TV? A lot of people end up skipping date night, especially during the winter.

Getting out of the house can help people relax and focus! So why not lend a hand and give them a night out for less? Offer your employees a gift certificate to a restaurant, or free movie tickets. These little perks can go a long way towards creating appreciation among your employees.

Make Vacation Mandatory

The vast majority of companies offer some type of vacation package. Sometimes the days are set per year. Other companies, such as Netflix, offer unlimited vacation time. However, many employees are often hesitant to take vacation days. Instead, the days just accrue unused.

Believe it or not, unused vacation time can actually hurt companies. Productivity and morale can be hurt as employees become overworked and stressed. Some time away from the office can help employees get some much needed R&R.

That’s why some companies have begun to mandate vacation. “Take your days or else we’ll send you home to get some rest.” This might sound extreme, however, in many cases, a “mandatory” policy simply reinforces how important vacation time is and how serious your company is about honoring it. That’s often enough to get employees to take days off.

Give Your Employees a Full-Time Concierge

Nothing says the “good life” more than having a concierge. Believe it or not, you can provide your employees with 24/7 services through Errand Solutions. Through our app, employees can contact us, and we can help them with just about anything. Seriously. Anything.

A lot of companies deliver their products and services with the utmost professionalism. We do too, but we throw a lot of passion and love into the mix as well. We’ve saved a choking iguana, found the best vegan birthday cake in town, and hosted an ice-fishing theme party. We even helped a customer track down their birth parents and hooked up a nervous child with a therapeutic bunny.

Good Benefits Lead to a Stable, Productive Workforce

The grass is always greener on the other side. Except when it isn’t. Make benefits an experience rather than an add-on. By using these employee retention strategies, you can make the grass greenest right in your office. This way, employees will have every reason to stay, and won’t be tempted by opportunities to leave.



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