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Best Ways Welcome a New Employee

Errand Solutions is always growing and we’re about to welcome a new executive assistant to our team! As her start-date approaches, it got me thinking about the best ways we can welcome her to the HUB. While Errand Solutions is a small company, these welcoming tips can work for a company of any size. So whether your company has 50 employees or 500, a new employee should feel as if they’re joining a family, which they are. Here are some great ways to do just that:

Be Prepared for Them
This is one of the easiest ways to instantly make someone feel more at ease about their new job. Before their first day, clean their desk and stock it with pens, pencils, post-its, tape and any other supply they could need. Also, make sure their computer is all set up and any credentials are in order. This will greatly decrease the awkwardness that is a first day, as well as save on-boarding time.

Hand Write a Note
While emails are quick, most people still appreciate the art of the handwritten note. Write a quick note welcoming them to the company and expressing your excitement for them to get started. You can send it via snail mail, or just give it to them in person on their first day. It adds a personal touch and is sure to make anyone feel appreciated from the start.

Hold a Meeting or Conference Call
There’s nothing worse than new hires going unnoticed by current staff. Make a point to hold a conference call (for remote workers or other offices) or an in-person meeting to give the new employee a warm welcome, introduce them to their co-workers, and make sure everyone is on the same page with their role in the company.

Give Them a Tour
While it may take a little time for a new employee to know exactly what they’re doing, they should at least be comfortable with where they’re going. Give them a tour of the office, including where to find everyone and where the kitchen, break room, and bathrooms are located.

Treat Them to Lunch
For their first day a small company, treat everyone to lunch. If it’s a larger company where this might be difficult, you can do the same for just the department or floor. Whether you get something catered in or go out, a group lunch is the perfect way to welcome someone to the team. It gives employees an opportunity to get to know them on a more personal level. Plus, who doesn’t love free food?

Give Them Something to Do
You want your new employee to feel needed, so while it might not be much, make sure that they have something to do during their first couple days. Whether it’s reading the training manual or assisting with some simple tasks, there are plenty of easy assignments you can give them that will make them feel useful but not overwhelmed.

Check in Before You Leave
Before you leave for the day, make the effort to stop by their desk. Ask them how their first day went and how they’re feeling about their role. Be sure to reiterate how excited you are to have them here. Also, make sure they know what time they can leave, or even send them home a little early.

Show Them the Perks
A great company should have some great perks that go along with it. Whether it’s free snacks in the break room or a concierge service like Errand Solutions, make sure the new employee not only knows about them, but is encouraged to take advantage. Great employee benefits are an easy way to make a new employee feel excited about the new company and ready to dive in.

If your company’s perks aren’t up-to-par, give us a call at 312.475.3800 or email We’re just what you need to get both new and old employees excited about your company.

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