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LYLA: Embracing Technology, Empowering People, Making a Difference!

I love reading about the positive impact LYLA has on the people we serve, as well as the communities we operate in. The most recent article showcasing our Solution Center in Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin highlighted those things beautifully!

As a team, we tackle the “to-do” lists of thousands of hard-working people across this beautiful country. When the pandemic hit, those “to-do” lists shifted focus. Instead of planning overseas vacations, detailing cars, walking dogs and identifying the best live concerts, we were suddenly creating learning pods, setting up home offices, rescheduling weddings, negotiating bill repayments and orchestrating care packages for frontline workers. We became an essential resource when all other support systems seemed inaccessible. Our utilization increased by 200% which really forced us to examine the way we had evolved as a company. And so, we reimagined Errand Solutions into LYLA, in recognition of our revolutionary tech: the Love Your Life App.

Our direction is very deliberate and purposeful. We apply three criteria to virtually everything we do: Talent, Technology, and Community. We picked Land O’ Lakes exactly for these reasons, based on our core criteria. Here’s how:

Talent: The area is filled with wonderful people who have mastered problem solving through multi-tasking, while bringing a Midwestern work ethic and charm to every task. When you communicate with LYLA, you’ll be warmly greeted by the team in Land O’ Lakes; they’ll personally tackle whatever you need to be done with grace. The local college Nicolet College was essential in helping us spread the word.

Technology: Land O’ Lakes invested in broadband and the local provider ChoiceTel quickly put our infrastructure in place and made it possible for us to operate in an area that had been previously burdened with low connectivity. Their proactive investment has inspired other communities to replicate the infrastructure and has attracted other technology start-ups like Sitecast to the Northwoods.

Community: Small towns like Land O’ Lakes value having access to high paying jobs that can support families in their communities, so they go the extra mile to help make the companies supplying those jobs successful. They connect new businesses with resources focused on attracting entrepreneurs such as the Vilas County Economic Development Corporation, the Land O’ Lakes Chamber, and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the help from these amazing organizations.

What we do and where we do it matters—it matters to those LYLA serves, it matters to where LYLA operates and it matters to who LYLA employs.

Just ask LYLA.

In gratitude,

Marsha McVicker

Founder & CEO

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