What Your Company is Missing

I’ve only been in the work force for a few years, but like many young professionals, I did a lot of research before choosing my industry. I looked at a ton of companies, but I never came across any that offers a benefit like custom concierge services. In fact, before I joined the Errand Solutions team, I wasn’t even aware that this type of company existed. Vacation days and health insurance are great, but they aren’t enough.

In just my few years working full-time, I’ve come to realize how difficult it is to work eight or so hours a day and then find the time and energy to get my grocery shopping done, pick up my dry cleaning, clean my apartment and run any other errand that might come up. Life is hard, but you have an option to make it a little easier for your employees. Here are a few more reasons your company should offer concierge services:

Improve Retention Rates
To be successful, it’s important for a company to retain their hardworking employees. If your employees are consistently leaving after short time periods, you should start asking yourself why. Maybe the job is too demanding, or the employee feels unappreciated. Regardless of the reasons, a concierge benefit can help. Custom concierge services have been proven to improve a company’s turnover rate and give an incentive for employees to stay.

Improve Productivity
Not only can a concierge service help retain employees, but it can also greatly improve an employee’s productivity. Instead of stressing about getting their car’s oil changed or finding a reliable dog walker, with a concierge service, they can focus solely on work. An employee can drop off their to-list at the beginning of each day and the concierge can take care of it all while they work. With less stress and more time to focus on work, their productivity will sky rocket.

Improve Recruiting
If you work in HR, you probably know how difficult it is to hire the best employees. Having trouble competing with companies in your field for the best talent? Start to re-think your benefits package. Companies are getting more creative with their benefits and company culture, offering free beer on Fridays, comfy seating, flexible environments and more—so what does your company offer? A complimentary concierge service is guaranteed to make your company stand out to the most desirable of candidates.

Improve Employee Happiness
Happy employees make for better employees. While the occasional free lunch or holiday bonus can help, those are all short-term fixes. A concierge benefit can improve employee satisfaction all year long. Employees will be much happier at work when they know their free time won’t be filled with errands and chores. Additionally, the money they’ll save through discount deals and special promotions can be better spent on fun stuff such as vacations, dinners or just more money for the future.

A custom concierge service is what your business has been missing. Errand Solutions has been providing customized concierge programs since 2001, but we’re constantly upgrading our technology to serve the customers of today (just ask for a demo of our upcoming mobile application!). We guarantee we’ll make a difference at your organization, no matter the industry or size. Get in touch to learn more today!